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  • LGBTQ World News Digest: 15 International Stories You Need To Know About
  • April 25, 2019

LGBTQ World News Digest: 15 International Stories You Need To Know About

TAIWAN. Same-sex marriage registration opens: ‘ The Taipei City Government announced on Tuesday (April 23) that it would allow gay couples to “book” their marriage registration starting today, one month before the deadline set by Taiwan’s Constitutional Court for the government to legalize same-sex marriage in the country.

KUWAIT: Academic Claims She Has Invented a Cure for Homosexuality: A Suppository That Kills the Semen-Eating Anal Worm Responsible for Excessive Sexual Urges — WATCH

COLOMBIA. Colombians staged a kiss-a-thon after a gay couple was harassed at a shopping mall: ‘The “kiss-a-thon” was held just days after two gay men in their early 20s were harassed at the Andino shopping center by a man who pushed the couple, screamed profanities at them and accused them of fondling each other in front of a group of children. Esteban Miranda and Nicolas Tellez denied doing that, saying they were only hugging and holding hands just like many heterosexual couples strolling the mall’s flashy corridors. They quickly called the police to seek protection from the enraged man but were instead fined for indecent exposure.’

CAYMAN ISLANDS. Same-sex marriage ruling on hold: “The Court of Appeal agreed on Wednesday afternoon to delay implementation of last month’s historic judgment legalising same-sex marriage. That decision means Caymanian Chantelle Day and her partner Vickie Bodden Bush, who brought the successful challenge to the territory’s marriage laws and had planned to get married this week, will have to delay their wedding.”

CANADA: LGBTQ Activists are Protesting Canada’s New ‘Equality Coin’ Because Struggles Are Still Ongoing

UNITED KINGDOM. Ryan Atkin, Britain’s first openly gay football referee reflects on coming out: “It has helped me to be who I am, and I think that’s reflected by the observations that I’ve had where I’ve received greater praise in the assessments from the bodies. When I’m dealing with players, or I’m dealing with situations on the field of play, it’s actually really me rather than referee Ryan putting his hat on. I’m given my whole self to something rather than 98 per cent and that two per cent can make a massive difference, especially in sport.”

CANADA. Edmonton Pride 2019 canceled: ‘Less than two months before the 10-day festival was set to take place, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society board of directors voted to cancel the event, according to an email obtained by CBC News. “In light of the current political and social environment, it has been determined that any attempt to host a festival will not be successful,” reads the email from the board of directors. “Please keep in mind that we are a not-for-profit organization run almost solely by volunteers.”Members of the board have not responded to a request for comment from CBC News.’

CHINA. Social media giant Weibo reverses ban on lesbian content: “The reason for the brief shutdown of the popular lesbian discussion forum remains unclear. “

NORTHERN IRELAND: Gay Journalist Shot Dead During Riots in Northern Ireland

SCOTLAND. Pet Shop Boys to premiere new musical at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. ‘Multi-award-winning Frances Barber will reprise the role she first played 18 years ago in Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s West End musical Closer To Heaven when the 50-minute, one-woman show Musik opens in the Capital.With a book by Jonathan Harvey and six songs by Tennant and Lowe, including four new ones written specially for this show, Musik will run from 5 to 24 August at Assembly Rooms’ Bijou venue, on George Street.’

RUSSIA. Gang convicted of blackmailing gay men: “The crooks introduced themselves as police officers and assaulted gay people extorting large sums of money from them. … ‘The defendants pleaded partially guilty to the charges; one of them said that a friend had asked him to help find children molesters.’”

BRAZIL: Bolsonaro’s Approval Rating is Worse Than Any Past Brazilian President at the 100-Day Mark

POLAND. Extremists arrested at Pride in the western central Polish city of Gniezno: ‘Nine men were detained by the police following Saturday’s pride march in the western central Polish city of Gniezno, deputy inspector Iwona Liszczyńska reported. Some of the detainees were accused of disturbing a public gathering and violating police officer’s bodily integrity.’

JAPAN. First openly transgender person elected to a prefectural assembly. ‘Ayako Fuchigami, wearing a pink jacket in front of a campaign vehicle with a sign in the same color, gave a simple message to the crowd that had gathered near an intersection here.“We just want to live a normal life,” Fuchigami, 44, said in the microphone as rainbow flags waved in the background. “I want to create a society where opinions from diverse people are reflected.”’

THAILAND. This trans male fitness trainer is a social media star.

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