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  • Icona Pop, KamalaCare, Typewriter, Ariana Grande, Now Apocalypse, John Oliver, Fortnite, Gay Metropolis: HOT LINKS
  • July 29, 2019

Icona Pop, KamalaCare, Typewriter, Ariana Grande, Now Apocalypse, John Oliver, Fortnite, Gay Metropolis: HOT LINKS

KAMALACARE. Kamala Harris unveils health care plan: ‘Harris’ offering maintains her commitment to universal health coverage — demanded by her party’s base — while lowering the temperature among the guardians of Obamacare who fear that overreaching would wipe out their hard-fought gains. Kathleen Sebelius, who served as Health and Human Services secretary in the Obama administration and was consulted on Harris’ plan, blessed it as “a smart way to get to Medicare for All where all individuals and employers can transition smoothly into a system that covers everyone.”’

JOHN OLIVER. A ruthless takedown of British PM Boris Johnson. “Given that Britain’s new leader is a clownish figure with silly hair and a passing relationship with the truth, you may already be thinking of the person you’re almost always thinking about anyway.”

RETURN OF THE SUGARBAKERS. Designing Women is coming to Hulu.

UBER AND LYFT. How 2020 candidates compare on ride-sharing services. “California Sen. Kamala Harris’s campaign handily outspent the rest of the pack, expensing 81 Uber and 73 Lyft rides in the first six months of 2019, totaling $8,835 and $5,873, respectively. Campaigns are averaging about $4,800 each on the apps, with the front-runners all spending near $10,000 for rides in the filing period.”

SURGE. Nearly half of House Democrats now support impeachment. ‘The four who issued their support on Sunday, all from Washington state, bring the total number of House Democrats who have publicly said they’d vote for an impeachment inquiry to 107 — 11 shy of a majority of the Democratic Caucus — with backers of an inquiry promising there are more waiting in the wings.’

GILROY. Garlic festival gunman IDed as Santino William Legan: ‘Santino Legan had an Instagram page with just three posts, including one post made days before the shooting and two posted on Sunday. The one most disturbing appears to have been posted shortly before the shooting. “Ayyy garlic festival time. Come get wasted on overpriced shit.”’

X. New Hampshire to allow ‘X’ as gender on driver’s licenses: ‘Gov. Chris Sununu allowed House Bill 669 to become law this week without his signature. It allows driver’s licenses or non-driver identification cards to be marked “M” for male, “F” for female or “X” for other.’

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MALE MODEL MONDAY. Sergio Carvajal, Jon Kortajarena, Christian Hogue and MORE.

BOYS IN THE BAND. Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons spotted filming the Netflix adaptation in L.A.

STREAMING NEWS. YouTube and Netflix will be coming to Tesla cars.

FORTNITE. 16-year-old wins $3 million to become world champion: “Kyle Giersdorf, 16, won the solo event of the competition in the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, which hosts the US Open tennis tournament.”

THE GAY METROPOLIS. Landmark book on gay history gets an update.

BUTTSSS. A collection of beautiful butt illustrations.

RUSSIA. Vladimir Putin critic hospitalized after being poisoned: ‘Navalny was taken by ambulance to the hospital early on Sunday morning from the jail with what authorities said was a “severe allergic reaction,” his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh wrote on Twitter. Initially, one of Navalny’s close colleagues suggested the cause was likely unsanitary conditions in the jail, but by the evening Navalny’s lawyer released a statement from his long-time doctor saying that his symptoms were the result of “an undefined chemical substance.”‘

VIRGIN VOYAGES. Richard Branson launches “adults-only” cruise line.

NOW APOCALYPSE. It could have a second life, says Gregg Araki: “We are shopping for a new home since the show’s cheap, and with the most amazing cast and incredibly passionate fanbase. The fan reaction let me know that the people who watched it got it exactly as I hoped. The show really is a dream come true for me. I love it so much and am so proud of the work we all did together. And regardless of what happens, I’m happy knowing that it will live forever in the streaming/sharing cosmos. As far as our demo goes, we were told when we got greenlit that, in the wake of their successful app launch, Starz was planning on courting a new younger audience that doesn’t currently live on the channel. And that our show was going to be a part of that effort. Clearly, that’s all changed.”

UNFLATTERING LOOKS. Ariana Grande apologizes after JonBenet Ramsey Halloween costume comment.

DRAMA QUEEN. Michael Ausiello series headed to HBO. ‘The single-camera Drama Queen is set in the 1980s and centers on a closeted, TV-obsessed teenager who copes with the harsh realities — and relative mundaneness — of life in small-town New Jersey by escaping to an alternate soap opera universe of his own creation.’

FOR SALE. Gay San Diego newspaper.

THIEF OF THE DAY. Birdfeeder-stealing bear in Oak Creek, Colorado.

LYRIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Icona Pop “Next Mistake”.


MONDAY MUSCLE. Song of Lilith.

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