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  • Thomas Cook, Chasten Buttigieg, Vaping, Brazil, Billy Porter, Meghan Trainor, John Waters: HOT LINKS
  • September 24, 2019

Thomas Cook, Chasten Buttigieg, Vaping, Brazil, Billy Porter, Meghan Trainor, John Waters: HOT LINKS

BILLY PORTER. On rumored RuPaul shade: “Let me make this clear right now in this room to everybody. Right now. There was never a side-eye coming from me. There’s never anything negative coming from me. You’re never going to get from it. Okay. It’s all love, all love, it’s all positivity. Don’t come to me with that.”

THOMAS COOK. Travel company collapses, leaving 150,000 stranded abroad: ‘The 178-year-old company said in a statement that its board “concluded that it had no choice but to take steps to enter into compulsory liquidation with immediate effect” after talks on a financial rescue failed. All Thomas Cook bookings have been canceled, the UK Civil Aviation Authority tweeted. Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook’s chief executive, apologized to customers, employees, suppliers and partners.’

FUTURE DESIGNER. Megan Fox’s six-year-old son loves to wear dresses and she’s all for it.

DALLAS. Transgender woman shot in apparent hate crime: ‘The woman was wounded about 11 p.m. Friday in the 11000 block of Dennis Road, north of Royal Lane, as a man pulled alongside the victim and yelled “a number of slurs about her gender identity,” police said. The man shot her multiple times in the chest and arm.’

VAPING BAN. Would it sink Trump’s reelection chances? ‘The data (shown below) reveals that the number of adult vapers in key battleground states greatly outweighs the margins by which Trump won those states in 2016 — and they argue it could cost him reelection.’

BEN CARSON. HUD Secretary defends transphobic remarks: “During a recent meeting with local staff in San Francisco, I made reference to the fact that I had heard from many women’s groups about the difficulty they were having with women’s shelters because sometimes men would claim to be women. This made many of the women feel unsafe, and one of the groups described a situation to me in which ‘big hairy men’ would come in and have to be accepted into the women’s shelter even though it made the women in the facility very uncomfortable. My point was that we have to permit policies that take into consideration the rights of everybody, including those women.” Background HERE.

MAN CANDY. Gus Kenworthy, Sam Callahan, Prince Royce, Orlando Bloom, Maluma and more.

BRAZIL. Top prosecutor orders five people indicted for sabotaging efforts to investigate assassination of LGBTQ Rio De Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco. “In comments to reporters on her last day in office, Brazil’s prosecutor general, Raquel Dodge, said she would charge two court officials, two police officers and a lawyer with obstructing investigations into the March 2018 slaying of Marielle Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomes.”

CHASTEN BUTTIGIEG. Fundraising secret weapon: “Chasten is as big of a draw for people who want to connect with the campaign as Pete, and that’s at all levels, not just high-dollar fundraisers,” said John Atkinson, a Buttigieg donor based in Chicago. And, he added, “to the extent that Chasten frees up bandwidth for the candidate, that is a competitive advantage.”

DAVID CAMERON. Former British PM says in new memoir that Vladimir Putin implemented ban on “gay propaganda” for minors to boost population growth: “[Putin] said that Russia’s problem was a declining population, and he needed men to marry women and have lots of children.”

EMMY DATES. RuPaul brought his husband to Georges LeBar to the Emmy Awards.

THOMAS LENNON. He thought his Emmys gig sucked. ‘But as the show went on, our sherpa seemed lost at times — at one point, flubbing his lines and breaking the fourth wall to acknowledge that he wasn’t nailing the gig. “Are the Emmys woke?” he said, “or is that just something that was — this is why people don’t do this, because it sucks.”’

THOMAS LENNON 2. But he did shade the hell out of Felicity Huffman.

STATEN ISLAND. Man arrested for threats mailed to Pride center: “You and your sicko pals keep ramming your twisted, perverted agenda down the throats of heterosexuals, aka normal people. The LGBTQ commtinity [sic] doesn’t deserve to have anything in this colintry [sic] whatsoever and that includes so-called rights.”

TRAILER OF THE DAY. Breaking Bad movie El Camino.

COVER OF THE DAY. Meghan Trainor covers the Friends theme “I’ll Be There for You”.

FILM SELECTION OF THE DAY. John Waters chooses his favorites.


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