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  • Dua Lipa, La Roux, Apple TV+, Lizzo Haunted House, Tulsi Gabbard, Deadspin, Kentucky, Gay Aging: HOT LINKS
  • November 2, 2019

Dua Lipa, La Roux, Apple TV+, Lizzo Haunted House, Tulsi Gabbard, Deadspin, Kentucky, Gay Aging: HOT LINKS

PUBLIC IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS. Nancy Pelosi says they’ll begin this month: I would assume there would be public hearing in November,” Pelosi said in a roundtable with Bloomberg reporters and editors. Any case that is made to impeach the president “has to be ironclad.”

STEPHANIE GRISHAM. “We are prepared for an impeachment to happen.”

9 TO 5. Dolly Parton has some bad news about the sequel.

IOWA. Tulsi Gabbard fails to qualify for Iowa Democratic Party Liberty and Justice Celebration: “To qualify for the event, candidates could either open at least two field offices in the state with at least 10 dedicated field organizing staff or buy the Iowa Democratic Party’s voter file…”

2020 POLL. Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg are neck and neck as Biden fades… “Ms. Warren appears to have solidified her gains in the first voting state while Mr. Buttigieg has climbed quickly to catch up with Mr. Sanders and overtake Mr. Biden, the onetime front-runner.”

2020. Trump primary challengers excluded from Minnesota ballot...

KENTUCKY. Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit over company’s refusal to print gay pride t-shirt: “…the court sidestepped debates over civil rights and the freedoms of religion and speech by ruling on a legal technicality, that the party that brought the claim — the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization — lacked the statutory standing to do so because it was not the party denied service by the business.”

INDIANA. Snake enthusiast found dead with 8-foot python wrapped around her neck: “Benton County officials expect to know later Friday morning whether an 8-foot reticulated python caused the death of Laura Hurst, a 36-year-old mother of two and a snake enthusiast from Battle Ground, who was found dead Wednesday in an Oxford house that was designed specifically to house 140 snakes.”

DEADSPIN. Website’s entire editorial staff quits en masse.

BROKEN PROMISES. Trump abandons proposing ideas to curb gun violence: ‘Trump has been counseled by political advisers, including campaign manager Brad Parscale and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, that gun legislation could splinter his political coalition, which he needs to stick together for his reelection bid, particularly amid an impeachment battle.’

WORST HALLOWEEN COSTUME? Donald Trump Jr. or Tomi Lahren?

MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka were the Olsen twins for Halloween.

GQ. How to embrace aging as a gay man.

BOEING. More airliners grounded after cracks discovered.

APPLE TV+ Apple’s new streaming service has launched and here’s what’s on it right now.

ON THE RAG. This week on the gay magazines

POLITICAL ADVERTISING? Facebook requires ads for PrEP to undergo verification process: “Apicha, a New York health center that caters to LGBTQ patients, said last week the tech giant initially blocked ads it tried to run on Instagram that aimed to raise awareness of PrEP, an FDA-approved anti-HIV medication sold under the brand name Truvada.”

HAUNTED HOUSE TRIP OF THE DAY. Ellen’s producer Andy brought Lizzo and Tiffany Haddish through a haunted house.

YOU BETTER WERK. Eve recreates RuPaul’s “Supermodel” video. ‘On “The Talk’s” fifth annual Rocktober Lip Sync War, host Eve says “you better work” as she hits the catwalk and performs singer and drag queen RuPaul’s 1992 song “Supermodel.” After her performance, guest host Kelly Osbourne asks Eve, “What was the challenge today being Ru?” “Honestly, RuPaul is such an icon, and I just want to do RuPaul proud. The attitude, the confidence, the beauty, I just wanted to bring all that,” says Eve. Osbourne adds, “Well, Mother Ru is a good friend of mine, if you could say anything to the Mother, what would you say?” Eve responds, “Thank you so much for your inspiration and your bravery. I am just honored to even be dressed up like you.”‘

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now”. “I chose to put this song out first so I could close one chapter of my life and start another. Into a new era with a new sound! It’s about moving on and not allowing anyone to get in the way of that. It also felt like a natural first song choice as I made it with the brilliant same crew I made ‘New Rules’ with.”

TRAILER OF THE DAY. Home For Christmas.

NEW MUSIC OF THE DAY. La Roux “International Woman of Leisure”.

NEW MUSIC OF THE DAY 2. Ariana Grande, Normani, Nicki Minaj – “Bad To You”

FRIDAY FLASH. Louis Ricaute and Soliman Herrera Johansson.

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