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  • Markie More, Gay Adult Performer Who Quit Industry After Denouncing it as ‘Lustful’ and ‘Deviant’, is Back for More
  • December 10, 2019

Markie More, Gay Adult Performer Who Quit Industry After Denouncing it as ‘Lustful’ and ‘Deviant’, is Back for More

Markie More, a gay adult film actor who left Next Door Studios earlier this year to advocate for Fight The New Drug, a Mormon-owned organization that denounces p0rnography as harmful to individuals, relationships, and society, has announced he’s returning, and plugged his new OnlyFans account.

Wrote Markie in March 2019: “I’ve decided that I’m officially done with the adult industry. I will be deleting both my onlyfans and justforfans accounts one month from today. If you’re subscribed to either, please unsubscribe so you’re not charged again. Thank you everyone for your wishes of wellness. Let it be known that I’m doing better right now than I have in all of my 26 years, especially the last 6. If you’re wondering, I’ve quit because I can no longer promote lustful and deviant behavior. Lust is a monster, and the more you feed it, the hungrier it becomes. I’ve shown absolutely no hate whatsoever. If you think this, then you’re either confused and/or misinformed. I’ve witnessed porn destroy numerous people, friendships, relationships, families, etc. It does far more harm than good for people. Unfortunately, telling people you fantasize real love isn’t something a studio wants you to say. So, instead I told lies, not even good ones either. I sincerely apologize for misleading you. I will only speak truths from this point forward.”

Last month, he apologized.

Fight The New Drug, the organization that Markie had defected to, was co-founded by two Mormons, Clay Olsen and Jason Carroll. Their program, Fortify, is a money-raking scheme. A quick Google will reveal all.

Read this post by someone who entered it back in 2015, and had this to say about Carroll: ‘My suspicion stems from Carroll’s specialties, which are “marriage fragmentation, sexual intimacy, marriage readiness among young adults, the effectiveness of marriage education, and modern threats to marriage (such as pornography, delayed age at marriage, materialism, premarital sexuality, and non-marital childbirth).” Carroll teaches BYU’s “Marriage Prep” course, which is disappointingly a college course you take for credit and not a Live Action Roleplay set in the universe of the films Kinsey and Pleasantville. Carroll is also a homophobe, but it’s fine because of all those homosexuals on staff that Olsen mentioned. No homo(phobe)!’

The Daily Beast added: ‘An attorney for Carroll and a colleague also filed an amicus curiae brief in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case (PDF), this time arguing that same-sex marriage would “would have a profound impact on the United States’ already below-replacement level fertility rate,” and potentially cause socioeconomic problems. This repeated anti-gay advocate is the man who “keeps things factual” for FTND, according to his bio on the organization’s website.’

Nearly three years ago, Markie announced an activist pledge to donate $250 from each forthcoming scene to the Gay-Straight Alliance network.

Here’s what Markie said in 2017: “I’ve always felt a calling within myself to help people, especially those who can’t necessarily help themselves. And over the years it’s only gotten stronger, this feeling. And I thought that I had to subtract myself from the adult industry to make this happen. So I took some time to reflect and I realized that this is the very industry that changed my life in so many ways for the better. Being more confident, comfortable with who I am, comfortable with my sexuality. So I’ve decided not to retire and from this point forward I will be donating $250 from every scene to the GSA network ― the Gay-Straight Alliance network. It’s a charity that organizes clubs within middles schools and high schools for LGBTQ youth, giving them a safe place to learn, a comfortable place to socialize and avoid the hate and then just to grow. I believe we just need to love each other. Just be kind.”

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