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  • Orville Peck, Berlin, Patrick Bumatay, Billie Eilish, Marie Fredriksson, Art Basel Banana, Bill Barr: HOT LINKS
  • December 10, 2019

Orville Peck, Berlin, Patrick Bumatay, Billie Eilish, Marie Fredriksson, Art Basel Banana, Bill Barr: HOT LINKS

IMPEACHMENT. Democrats announce articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump. ‘In nine short pages, the draft articles accused Mr. Trump of carrying out a scheme “corruptly soliciting” election assistance from the government of Ukraine in the form of investigations that would smear his Democratic political rivals. To do so, Democrats charged, Mr. Trump used as leverage two “official acts”: the delivery of $391 million in security assistance and a White House meeting for Ukraine’s president.’

Articles of Impeachment by RawStory on Scribd

BAD FAITH. Bill Barr attacks the FBI over investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia: “In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Barr essentially dismissed the findings of the Justice Department’s inspector general that there was no evidence of political bias in the launching of the Russia probe, saying that his hand-picked prosecutor, John Durham, will have the last word on the matter.”

TRUMP VS MCCONNELL? Differing opinions on what a Senate impeachment trial should look like: “But the show is exactly what Trump wants. He’s made clear to advisers privately that rather than end the trial as quickly as possible, he is hoping for adramatic event, according to two people familiar with his thinking. He wants Hunter Biden, Rep. Adam Schiff and the whistleblower to testify. He wants the witnesses to be live, not clips of taped depositions. And he’s hoping to turn it into a spectacle, which he thinks is his best chance to hurt Democrats in the election.”

RIP. Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has died at 61.

TEXAS. Pierce Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush, is running for Congress: “Bush joins a crowded GOP field in Texas’ 22nd congressional district, a seat currently held by retiring Republican Rep. Pete Olson. At least 14 other Republicans are running in the GOP primary for this suburban Houston district, which will likely also be a top Democratic target next year.”

THIS SH*T IS… $120,000 Art Basel banana eaten by performance artist.

OHIO STATE. Meet the gay activist fighting on behalf of sexual assault survivors: “Now, Snyder-Hill, 49, a prominent LGBTQ activist and a military veteran, is involved in one of more than a dozen lawsuits filed against the university — all of which are in mediation, according to OSU spokesman Benjamin Johnson.”

2020. New Monmouth University national poll: “Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters continue to be divided over who they want to put up against Trump in 2020. The top contenders continue to be Biden (26%), Sanders (21%), and Warren (17%). However, these three are in a slightly different order than where they stood last month (23% Biden, 23% Warren, and 20% Sanders) or in late September (28% Warren, 25% Biden, and 15% Sanders). Buttigieg is the preferred choice of 8% of Democratic-identifying voters (similar to 9% in November and 5% in September).”

#28. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) won’t seek another term. “Yoho, who aligned himself with the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party and has been a fierce supporter of President Donald Trump, joins at least 27 House Republicans in announcing their departures from the U.S. House.”

PATRICK BUMATAY. Gay Trump 9th Circuit nominee poised for confirmation: “As an openly gay man and Filipino-American, Bumatay brings diversity to Trump’s mostly straight, white judicial nominees. Bumatay’s nomination, though largely overshadowed by controversy surrounding his would-be colleague on the Ninth Circuit, Lawrence VanDyke, has been a long time coming for the White House.”

PDA OF THE DAY. Ryan Russell and Corey O’Brien.

UK. British war veteran gets apology over LGBT ban: “Joe Ousalice, 68, had served in the navy for nearly 18 years when he was discharged in 1993 because of a ban on LGBT people serving in the armed forces. The former radio operator, who lives in Southampton, served in the Falklands war, did six tours of duty in Northern Ireland, was posted to the Middle East and was seconded for two and a half years to a Nato taskforce. Ousalice was stripped of his long service and good conduct medal and three good conduct badges when he was discharged because of his sexuality.”

BOMBSHELL. FOX News drama lets nobody off the hook – not even Megyn Kelly.

COCKTAIL D’AMORE. Berlin’s free-love club night: ‘Currently, Cocktail takes place monthly at Griessmuehle, a club in a converted former factory, where they moved after losing a location “due to corporate estate investments”. During Cocktail, Griessmuehle’s basement dancefloor becomes a sex dungeon (the aforementioned “cosmic hole”); its inner chambers, a labyrinth of darkrooms; its garden, a hybrid of playground, catwalk and disco. While the party has grown larger and moved away from its early underground settings, Griessmuehle’s expansive layout is optimally suited for shenanigans. Bordered by railway lines, industrial units and a canal, Griessmuehle allows you to forget normal life in a temporary autonomous zone.’


COOKING LESSON OF THE DAY. Brad and Orville Peck Make Elote.


TOO HOT FOR TUESDAY. Gabriel Molinero.

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