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  • 6 homophobes who were busted on Grindr
  • December 22, 2019

6 homophobes who were busted on Grindr

What is it with homophobes and Grindr? This week, an antigay preacher from Missouri was busted trying to buy sex off Grindr… and paying for it with an Arby’s gift card.

57-year-old Barry Cole Poyner of Kirksville, Missouri is, er, was an elder at the Kirksville Church of Christ, as well as a professor of communications at Truman State University, before news of his gay sex scandal went national.

He was slapped with a class B misdemeanor count of patronizing prostitution after cops received a tip that he’d been “harassing male Truman students for sexual contact as well as offering to pay for items for sexual favors by using the app Grindr” then set up a fake profile to catch him in the act.

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It didn’t take long for Poyner, using the handle “DILF,” to reach out to an undercover officer, saying he “would love to have a sugar daddy relationship” and offering to buy him a tank of gas and an Arby’s gift card in exchange for sex.

When police eventually confronted him, Poyner said he was only “trying to help” and that he had no intentions of “doing anything with a minor.” If convicted, he faces up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000.

Now, here are five more homophobes who have been caught cruising on Grindr…

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Bill Sanderson

In July 2019, the Republican lawmaker was accused of keeping a secret Grindr profile while simultaneously pushing several pieces of antigay legislation through the Tennessee House of Representatives. After screenshots of alleged chats between Sanderson and other men leaked online, the lawmaker, who happens to have a gay son, insisted he was being framed then said he was resigning from office, though he maintained his resignation had nothing to do with the gay sex scandal.

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