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  • Here are our Top 10 pics for celebrities who send personalized messages on Cameo
  • February 14, 2020

Here are our Top 10 pics for celebrities who send personalized messages on Cameo

Kathy Najimy, Michael Sam, and James Van Der Beek are among the celebrities on


Loving a celebrity from afar can be a lonely endeavor, but what if a dose of love from your favorite stars could land directly in your email inbox? That option is now a reality. If the celebrities get paid, of course. provides the “why didn’t anybody think of this before?” fee-based service of  having actors, singers, models, reality stars, and all other players in the fame game, record a personalized video message to be delivered via email link.  Ask them to include birthday greetings, inspirational messages, tell your boss that you quit.  You name it and they’ll say it, although each Cameo celebrity can provide their own guidelines of what they will say: no bullying, no bad news, you get the idea.

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There are Cameos for every budget, although some of the offers are questionable. Honestly, $600 for The Bachelor host Chris Hanson is way too much. And $2,500 for Caitlyn Jenner?  Seriously, how many people love Caitlyn Jenner so much that they will pay $2,500? Girl please.

After spending far too much time exploring Cameo, here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • For the mere price of $150, you can get some bonafide mat talk from Jerry, yes Jerry from Cheer on Netflix, and imagine him recording an inspirational message to use as your alarm clock every morning
  • Kathy Najimy (photo, top left) will send a message for $150, and hopefully she will do some Sanderson Sister schtick from Hocus Pocus
  • For $75, Leslie Jordan will say something scandalous and inappropriate, and Leslie Jordan is really funny and nice in real-life, so he will be up for anything
  • For $350, get a message from Gloria Gaynor, but does that include her singing a verse of “I Will Survive”? Because $350 is a lot if it is just a bit of chit-chat
  • For $200, James Van der Beek (photo, top right) will serve all the hot zaddy realness of your dreams right to your phone, and he was a sexy beast in Pose, so that’s a good one
  • For $45, Steve Grand will send a message, but he doesn’t mention if he’ll be wearing a Speedo…probably not, right?
  • For $100, Chynna Philips Baldwin will send her love, but her former Wilson Phillips co-singer Carnie Wilson is only $99, so obviously Carnie is the bargain there when you want to encourage a moody friend to “hold on for one more day”
  • Out football player Michael Sam (photo, top center) and dancer and YouTube icon Mark Kanemura are both listed on Cameo, but are “currently unavailable,” so hopefully they will come back soon

Of course every Drag Race contestant is on Cameo, or if they aren’t yet they will find their way there eventually. They charge so much for tickets to their tours, and photos at DragCon, it must be difficult for their fans to scrape together some pennies to pay for a message. Although $40 for Tammie Brown is worth it, because she is a kook.

The beginning and end of that list really should just be Jerry from Cheer, because he (and the entire Navarro College cheer team and coaching staff!) is spectacular. Every cheerleading coach should have a mat talk video from Jerry on their phone, to play whenever their team needs to kick it up a notch. If you don’t know what “mat talk” is, you need to watch all six episodes Cheer, because otherwise your life is not complete. Don’t let the slow pace of the first episode fool you. This show is a wild ride. Sherbs, wherever you are, we love you and hope that you are well.

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But back to Cameo—since these messages are unedited, occasionally things can end up looking a little awkward, as was the case with this message received by Chip Dorsch, from the always inspirational and politically correct Paula Deen. Listen to the end of the first segment, seriously wait for it, right at the cutoff between parts one and two:


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