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  • Annie Lennox, Maluma, Chris Evans, Utah, Chromatica, Betsy DeVos’s New Rules, X Æ A-12: HOT LINKS
  • May 7, 2020

Annie Lennox, Maluma, Chris Evans, Utah, Chromatica, Betsy DeVos’s New Rules, X Æ A-12: HOT LINKS

Trump gay power couple

HIS NEXT STRATEGY. Trump to begin public questioning of coronavirus death toll. “A senior administration official said he expects the president to begin publicly questioning the death toll as it closes in on his predictions for the final death count and damages him politically.”

AHMAUD ARBERY. Disturbing video shows two white men shooting down black jogger, claiming they thought he was a burglar.

FLORIDA. Coronavirus infection began as early as December: “State health officials have documented at least 170 COVID-19 patients reporting symptoms between Dec. 31, 2019, and February 29, according to a Miami Herald analysis of state health data. Of them, 40 percent had no apparent contact with someone else with the virus. The majority had not traveled.”

10TH ANNIVERSARY. Actor T.R. Knight celebrates meeting his husband a decade ago.

WOOF. Chris Evans is not going to be a dog groomer anytime soon, though.

X Æ A-12. Here’s what’s behind Elon Musk and Grimes’s child’s name, which is pronounced Sasha Archangel.

TENNIS, ANYONE? Novak Djokovic slammed for flouting quarantine guidelines in Spain. “The tennis club that allowed Djokovic to play Monday is taking the blame for the violations … saying it misinterpreted the rules and mistakenly gave Novak permission to train on its courts.”

FLAUNTING IT. Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler is hoping her cash can bail her out: “She’s unlikely to quell the criticism from opponents in both parties that erupted over her stock trades. But allies and supporters of the senator’s campaign had been eager for her to go on offense and end a cycle of negative attention spotlighting the relatively unknown lawmaker. And Loeffler, who has already loaned $10 million to her own campaign and has pledged to spend more, has vast resources available to try to push her message.”

UTAH. COVID-19 outbreak of 68 cases traced to businesses that defied lockdown. “Nearly half of the employees of a Utah County business tested positive for COVID-19 after the business instructed employees to not follow quarantine guidelines and required staff who had tested positive to report to work, according to a written statement from county executives.”

ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DAY. Lady Gaga says her next album, Chromatica, will be out May 29.

SCOTLAND. First gay couple to get access to fertility treatment from NHS speaks out: “Ross and Chris Muller say they and their families can’t wait to meet their baby boy, who is due to be born to a surrogate mum in early August.”

MUSKY. Tom Cruise plans to shoot movie in space.

SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Betsy DeVos alters school rules: “The new regulations narrow the definition of sexual harassment and require colleges to hold live hearings during which alleged victims and accused perpetrators can be cross-examined to challenge their credibility.”

KEVIN MAXWELL. Black, gay police officer who was forced to quit the service after years of abuse, publishes book: “The biggest regret I have, which also blurs into shame, is that I allowed it to happen and that I said nothing for such a long time. I also feel a lot of shame that I joined the force in the first place and didn’t listen to the friends who warned me not to. Perhaps if my mum had tried to stop me I would have listened to her but she had respect for the police and she encouraged me. Now when I think about those wasted years, which I will never get back – I can’t describe how that feels. I lost everything – my marriage, my home, my income, my mental health. All of it.”

NEKKID. A Netflix eye candy round-up.

PANDEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY. Annie Lennox “A Thousand Beautiful Things”


HUMP DAY HAIRY. Dan Roberge.

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