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Ballet dancer posts thirsty ad seeking room to rent, gets 400 replies, none offering housing

Saverio Pescucci describes himself as a “super chill, friendly, gay [and] Covid responsible” ballet dancer. Last week, he published a thirsty apartment search ad that quickly went viral.

Pescucci posted in Gypsy Housing, a private Facebook group with roughly 285,000 members, saying he was seeking for a room to rent either in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan. He also included a few photos of himself.

“I saw a lot of people … were posting pictures of themselves, like selfies and casual photos, to show that they’re not sociopaths or what kind of lifestyle they have,” Pescucci tells The New York Post. “I did the same [but] I was not imagining that it would turn into an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’”

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Before he knew it, his post had over 600 likes and 400 comments. Unfortunately, most of them had absolutely nothing to do with his housing situation.

“[The] hot ones are never straight,” one woman wrote.

“You’re cute,” another added. “That’s all I have to offer you. A compliment.”

“You won’t be paying rent for too long once you get here,” a man commented. “[You’re] f*cking hot.”

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“I don’t have a room,” another guy said, “but I have space in my heart.”

The 29-year-old dancer insists that he never intended to post a thirst trap and that he really was just trying to introduce himself to the group in hopes of landing a new roommate.

“I was not uncomfortable [with the comments], I just was really overwhelmed,” he says. “It was like, like, like, comment, comment, DM, DM. It was just a lot.”

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“Life is unpredictable and you never know,” Pescucci continues. “Maybe my future husband will be one of the commenters on this post.”

Scroll down for more pics from Pescucci’s Instagram page…

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Gay 'Former Liberal' Arrested for 'Disorderly Conduct' at Capitol Riot

Brandon Straka

Brandon Straka, the founder of #WalkAway, has been detained by the FBI.

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The Cabins stars applaud ITV for helping to ‘normalise’ LGBT+ love

The LGBT+ stars of ITV’s Love Island replacement dating show The Cabins have praised the channel for helping to “normalise” same-sex love. The show, which began airing on 4 January, sees singles move into log cabins in the woods together for 24 hours, before choosing whether to stay together. While Love…

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Transgender woman running to fill Ritchie Torres’ seat on New York City Council

New York City Council candidate Elisa Crespo – Photo: Facebook. A transgender woman could make history if she wins the New York City Council seat vacated by U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres (D) following his…

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Don Lemon Rips Josh Hawley's 'Muzzled' Claim: 'Poor Baby, Do You Need A Binkie?''

“What happened to Josh Hawley isn’t cancel culture. It’s called consequences,” the CNN host said of the Trump-supporting GOP senator from Missouri.

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Don Lemon Dismantles Josh Hawley's 'Muzzled' Claim: Poor Baby, Do You Need A Binkie?

“Can’t you see you’re being played people if you fall for that B.S.?” the CNN host asked about the GOP senator from Missouri.

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Jonathan Bailey, Billie Eilish, Lawmaker Threat, Moderna Vaccine, Armie Hammer, Rolex, Prince Harry: HOT LINKS

moderna vaccine

MODERNA. COVID vaccine protects against virus variants, says company: “Moderna’s vaccine is effective against new variants of the coronavirus that have emerged in Britain and South Africa, the company announced on Monday. But it appears to be less protective against the variant discovered in South Africa, and so the company is developing a new form of the vaccine that could be used as a booster shot against that virus.”

STAGGERING. Police have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed Black people in US since 2015: “NPR reviewed police, court and other records to examine the details of the cases. At least 75% of the officers were white. The latest one happened earlier this month in Killeen, Texas, when Patrick Warren, Sr., 52, was fatally shot by an officer responding to a mental health call.”

US Capitol

MURDER THREAT. National Guard troops to remain at US Capitol over assassination threats to lawmakers during impeachment trial: “Similar to those intercepted by investigators ahead of Biden’s inauguration, the threats that law enforcement agents are tracking vary in specificity and credibility, said the official, who had been briefed on the matter. Mainly posted online and in chat groups, the messages have included plots to attack members of Congress during travel to and from the Capitol complex during the trial, according to the official.”

THE ROLEX. There’s a new ridiculous Biden scandal being ginned up by the New York Times.

Armie Hammer

SCARRED? Armie Hammer denies branding his ex-girlfriend.

SCREENING. Miami Heat to use dogs to sniff out COVID in fans: “They’ve been working on the plan for months, and the highly trained dogs have been in place for some games this season where the team has allowed a handful of guests – mostly friends and family of players and staff. Starting this week, a limited number of ticket holders will be in the seats as well, provided they get past the dogs first.”

prince harry baby boy

PRINCE HARRY. On digital reform: “The avalanche of misinformation we are all inundated with is bending reality and has created this distorted filter that affects our ability to think clearly or even understand the world around us. What happens online does not stay online—it spreads everywhere, like wildfire: into our homes and workplaces, into the streets, into our minds. The question really becomes about what to do when news and information sharing is no longer a decent, truthful exchange, but rather an exchange of weaponry. The answer I’ve heard from experts in this space is that the common denominator starts with accountability. There has to be accountability to collective wellbeing, not just financial incentive. It’s hard for me to understand how the platforms themselves can eagerly take profit but shun responsibility.”

SOVEREIGN AMERICA PROJECT. White supremacist group sets up shop in West Palm Beach, not too far from Mar-a-Lago. “Whites, the group’s website says, are genetically superior in ‘civilization building’ and ‘should always have the majority of power and influence in the nations founded and built by our European ancestors.’”

MARYLAND. Police under fire for harassing, assaulting 5-year-old boy: “This was extremely frightening … because he thought he was going to be taken to jail,” rather than back to school, the lawsuit says. “ … They all completely disregarded the potential trauma that could arise from yelling at a five-year-old child and placing him in a squad car.”

MALE MODEL MONDAY. Dom Fenison, Florian Macek, Jordan Torres, Luca Heubl, and MORE.

JONATHAN BAILEY. Dishing on Bridgerton: “It’s just going to get more exciting and convoluted and sexier…”



MONDAY MUSCLE. UK Drag Race‘s Bas.

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UK deals from Amazon UK, Currys PC World, GAME

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there. This is partly thanks to the latest Animal Crossing game that was released last year and helped everyone get through the…

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Catholic bishops send powerful message of solidarity to LGBT+ kids everywhere: ‘God loves you’

A group of US Catholic bishops have sent powerful message of solidarity to LGBT+ kids everywhere, telling them: “God loves you and God is on your side.” A statement signed by the Catholic bishops was released by the Tyler Clementi Foundation, a charity committed to protecting LGBT+ youth from bullying. In the…

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Harry Potter live-action TV series ‘in early stages’ and LGBT+ fans have had it, officially

“Early-stage exploratory meetings” are reportedly underway for a Harry Potter live-action TV series, and to say LGBT+ fans have had it is an understatement. Unnamed sources told The Hollywood Reporter that HBO Max executives “have engaged in multiple conversations with potential writers exploring various…

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