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  • Today Dear Abby Tells an Older Man That It’s The Way He Thinks About His Gay Brother That’s ‘disgusting’.
  • April 7, 2021

Today Dear Abby Tells an Older Man That It’s The Way He Thinks About His Gay Brother That’s ‘disgusting’.

…Of course the longevity is helped by the fact that Abigail Van Buren is a fictional advice columnist, created in 1956 by Pauline Esther Phillips who passed it along to her daughter Jeanne Phillips in 2000. That’s 65 years of Dear Abby (though i don’t believe it was until the 60s or 70s that she took up a gay issue.) Today Dear Abby regularly addresses etiquette and more that include our lives. A few links below.
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Today Dear Abby Syndicated…

DEAR ABBY: I am a senior male. I understand I may have some beliefs that others find old-fashioned. However, I consciously try to be tolerant of others’ feelings and beliefs. That said, my problem is with my younger brother, who is a homosexual. I have always tried to ignore that side of his life and, consequently, we have always had a good relationship. He lives in another state, so we only talk on the telephone. A couple of months ago while we were talking, the subject of sexuality came up, and I told him I find the fact that he is gay “disgusting.” I know it was a poor choice of words. I me…Read More

Two Strong Allies. One name. Zero Minced Words. The Abigails Van Buren Went Viral and Influenced Generations Before Anyone Spoke of Such Things.

Queens of clippable, compelling short content, now into a 7th decade, mother and daughter share not only a commitment to distinctively coiffed hair, but also the sometimes jarring (in a good way) matter-of-fact opinions, a little ahead of their times. Their secret seems to be deep empathy, which is likely also why they have developed killer ‘reading’ and ‘shade’ skills to hold their own anywhere.

I have never understood why so many straight people spend so much time obsessing about what gay people might be doing behind closed doors. THAT, to me, is disgusting.

I’ll be frank. After what you said to your brother, he would have to be a saint to forgive you. He is doing what emotionally healthy people do, erasing a negative influence from his life.

Abigail Van Buren, April 6, 2021

Mother nor daughter wastes times on versions of “good people on all sides,” and while clearly they’ve supported efforts to win legal equality, it seems like that not enough and they focus on an expectation of respect for LGBTQ lives in families, homes, neighborhoods, workplaces. And, i like their frequent kicker reminding folks it’s not our responsibility to make everyone comfortable. We have enough to do already and need the chance to not give any f’s at all soemtiems. ce to chose not to give any f**ks at all.

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