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  • WATCH: Kim Cattrall returns to our TV screens in this series about sex and the city
  • June 6, 2023

WATCH: Kim Cattrall returns to our TV screens in this series about sex and the city

Kim Cattrall wears red in 'Glamorous'
Image Credit: ‘Glamorous,’ Netflix

And just like that… Kim Cattrall saunters into her next high-profile TV project, the Sex And The City sequel series Netflix’s super gay new series, Glamorous.

Going full Miranda Priestly, the iconic actress looks like she’s having a blast as model-turned-mogul Madolyn Addison, whose makeup empire Glamorous is the setting for this workplace dramedy all about queer self-discovery.

Considering Cattrall’s buzzed-about appearance on season two of And Just Like That… will amount to little more than a cameo via phone conversation, maybe this will be her role everyone’s talking about this summer.

From creator Jordan Nardino (Star Trek: DiscoverySmash), Glamorous follows twenty-something Marco Meija (Miss Benny), who seems to have built a following for himself online as an amateur makeup influencer, but it’s not enough for him to make it in the big city.

But, one day, Madolyn Addison shows up at Marco’s day job at a makeup counter and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: To come work with her at Glamorous HQ.

Kim Cattrall poses for a selfie in 'Glamorous'
Image Credit: ‘Glamorous,’ Netflix

As the series’ first trailer shows us, Marco’s sure got the vision and the chutzpah, but it seems he doesn’t quite have this whole “office job” thing figured out (cue shots of him running into glass doors and fumbling with water jugs).

Plus, there’s Madolyn’s loyal and high achieving staff, who seem to be threatened by Marco’s sudden appearance on the corporate roster. Chief among them is Madolyn’s own son, Chad (Fire Island hunk Zane Phillips), who is constantly trying to prove himself to his mother and, while gay himself, is worried Marco’s going to “yas queen’” the company into bankruptcy.

Zane Phillips wears a suit in 'Glamorous'
Image Credit: ‘Glamorous,’ Netflix

Also starring are Jade Payton as Madolyn’s ambitious first assistant Venetia, Ayesha Harris as Britt who a secret crush on her colleague at the company, and Michael Hsu Rosen as Britt’s fellow graphic designer Ben who has a not-so-secret crush on Marco. And then there’s Graham Pankhurst as Parker, who Marco’s pining for—sounds like some love triangles might be brewing and then some!

As we’ve previously reported, Glamorous also offers a mini-Fire Island reunion with Phillips’ former co-stars Joel Kim Booster and Matt Rogers making guest appearances, plus plenty of your favorite drag queens are stopping by the series, including Monét X Change, Priyanka, Charlene Incarnate, Chiquitita, and Serena Tea. Sounds like this series is about to “yas queen’” Netflix—and we’re here for it.

Glamorous premieres on Netflix on June 22. And, yes, that’s the same day And Just Like That… season two drops—why do you ask?

Check out the first trailer for Glamorous below:

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