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Eight Black LGBTQ Poets to Give Your Flowers To Right Now

I believe that these eight wonderful poets are the face of reviving the genre. I always want to push poems on people, so I’m also presenting you with some of their recent or upcoming works. Head to your favorite, local, indie bookstore and pick up a few of their collections before Black History Month is over!

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Andrew Yang, Election Interference, Meghan McCain, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Harry Styles, Ty Mitchell, Richard Madden: HOT LINKS

WARNING. Trump campaign manager hires former Cambridge Analytica staffer: “Matt Oczkowski, who served as head of product at Cambridge before it went bankrupt and shut down in 2018, is helping oversee the Trump campaign’s data program, according to two people familiar with the hire. Cambridge gained notoriety for its work on psychological voter profiling and because it allegedly improperly obtained the personal information of tens of millions of Facebook users.”

MEGHAN MCCAIN TO CO-HOSTS. “You know, you guys have done a piss-poor job of convincing me that I should vote for a Democrat.

HELD UP. Harry Styles robbed at knifepoint.

NOTORIOUS. Ruth Bader Ginsburg dons sparkly silver heels for award ceremony.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH. Thank you to Trump for pardoning me.

FEDS. Bill Barr, Christopher Wray, Chad Wolf, Joseph Maguire and Christopher Krebs write op-ed warning public to be vigilant of election interference: “States have plans in place, like provisional ballots, to enable a reliable election to proceed in the case that interference does occur. While the states have primary responsibility for administering elections under our Constitution, our agencies continue to provide them with support by identifying best practices for voting systems, sharing threat information and offering services and resources.”

OH NO. Hillary responds to report that Mike Bloomberg is considering her for running mate. “I’m just waiting and watching as this plays out. I will support whoever the nominee is.” 

NEW CONTRIBUTOR. Andrew Yang joins CNN.

ACLU. There is a coordinated attack against trans youth in state legislatures: “Right now, bills are pending in 10 states that would criminalize life-saving, best practice medical care for trans youth, putting government in the way of decisions that should be left up to the young person, their parents, and their medical providers. Proponents of these bills repeat similar lies about medical care, but these bills are opposed by all major medical associations that just want to be sure all kids can get the health care they need.”

LONDON. Gay bookstore burglars caught in store kitchen after they get drunk on tequila and prosecco. “They had been there for some time,” said bookseller Uli Lenart. “I think they were looking for cash, but when they didn’t find any, they started bringing up computer equipment from the basement. As I went through the shop afterwards, I found an empty bottle of tequila, and an open bottle of prosecco on the kitchen table downstairs. They seemed to have been boozing up mid-burglary, which probably wasn’t the most prudent thing to do.”

AIRPLANE SEAT PUNCHER. Ellen takes a side.

TY MITCHELL. Adult film performer explores debate over performer pay.

007. Billie Eilish sings her Bond theme “No Time To Die” for the first time live.

NEW TUNE OF THE DAY. The Weeknd “After Hours”.


CANE DANCE OF THE DAY. Madonna celebrates 50th #1 song on dance charts.

HUMP DAY HAIRY. Richard Madden.

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Tuesday’s mountain

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A gay teacher complained about student’s insults; then the kid’s parent tried to stab him

Masakheke Combined School. Courtesy city of Robertson

A gay schoolteacher in Robertson, South Africa, a city near Cape Town, has gone public over a vicious attack wherein the parent of a student stabbed him.

Thando Dyamara works as a teacher at Masakheke Combined School, a high school-level institution. The trouble began when Dyamara encountered a student off-site from school grounds.

“I heard a child calling me a moffie [an African slur for a gay man], and I went to reprimand him,” Dyamara told IOL. He and a friend later stopped by the student’s house, “and was met by his mother who was rude and shouted at me. She said her husband would deal with me.”

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At that point, things turned violent.

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“I called the police to report a case of discrimination. Her husband appeared out of nowhere and smacked me with an open palm. The husband took out a knife and wanted to stab me. If my friend was not there it would have been a different story.”

Adding insult to injury, the parent in question served on the student governing body of Masakheke School; the South African equivalent of the school board. When Dyamara reported the incident, the school refused to take action, as the incident did not occur on school grounds. The parent has since resigned from the governing body.

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Police are investigating the attack as a “common” incident, and have yet to make any arrests. For Dyamara, the response hasn’t been supportive enough. “Members of the LGBTI+ community are not given the respect they need and deserve,” he says. “The community, even though it is diverse, needs to respect gay people.”

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The emotional moment a trans man sees his chest for the first time after top surgery

A viral clip shows a trans man’s emotional reaction after waking up from top surgery. Australian queer trans man Sol shared a powerful clip on Twitter of the bandages being carefully removed in hospital after his surgery. Trans man shows his gender euphoria after top surgery Seeing his chest for the first time, Sol…

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There Are ‘No Rules For Donald’ Trump In Randy Rainbow’s Dua Lipa Remix

“One. Attack veterans and decorate your homophobic chauvinist friends,” the comedian sings in his version of “New Rules.”

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Bernie Sanders Celebrates Endorsement of First Transgender Gubernatorial Nominee: WATCH

Bernie Sanders on Tuesday celebrated the endorsement of Christine Hallquist, who in 2018 beat three other candidates in Vermont to become the Democratic nominee for governor and the nation’s first transgender gubernatorial nominee. Hallquist ultimately lost the race to incumbent Republican Phil Scott.

Said Hallquist in a release from the Sanders campaign: “I was the first transgender major party gubernatorial candidate in the nation. Bernie stood by me and aggressively supported my campaign. I have known and worked with Bernie for decades on rural development, the environment, and now climate change. He is the most honest and consistent leader I have ever worked with. His commitment to LGBTQ folks has been solid and steadfast. Bernie is the only candidate who has consistently supported policies on economic justice. This is especially important to the transgender community, which suffers from high levels of unemployment, low wages, and lack of health care.”

Said Sanders in the same release: “Christine is a trailblazer. As long as I’ve known her, she’s been on a mission to expand the use of sustainable energy. I was proud to work with her in Vermont, I was proud to support her gubernatorial campaign in 2018, and I’m very proud to have her support in this race.”

The post Bernie Sanders Celebrates Endorsement of First Transgender Gubernatorial Nominee: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News.

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Did U.K.’s Most Prolific Serial Rapist Ignite a LGBTQ “Witch Hunt?"


Reynhard Sinaga may be serving life in prison, but his conviction is fueling anti-LGBTQ sentiments around the globe. 

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Q&A: Alan Bersten Talks ‘DWTS’ Live Tour 2020

America’s favorite dance show is going back on tour this winter with “Dancing with the Stars – Live Tour 2020.” The longest tour to date will be dancing through Hard Rock Live…

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Michael Bloomberg refers to trans people as ‘it’ in resurfaced video that’s less than a year old

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg is attempting to defend his LGBT+ record after a resurfaced video shows him referring to transgender people as “it” and and “some guy in a dress”. The video was taken at a business forum in March 2019, where Bloomberg chided the Democrats for their focus on…

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How not to reconnect with an old hook-up who’s now famous

Jeremy O. Harris
Jeremy O. Harris on Late Night with Seth Myers last October (Photo: YouTube)

A tweet from the actor and playwright Jeremy O. Harris has gone viral. Harris is the queer writer behind the Slave Play, which enjoyed a recent run at the John Golden Theatre in New York City.

The play prompted much debate around interracial relationships and Harris saw his profile soar, with numerous magazine profiles and appearances on chat shows including Late Night with Seth Myers.

Harris’s success has been noted by some of those who have known him in the past. A person with whom Harris says he enjoyed a “hook-up” at college, reached out to him.

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It wasn’t to extend congratulations… but some unsolicited criticism.

“Someone I hooked up with in college decided to send me this tonight. I love the internet,” tweeted Harris.

He attached screenshots of the conversation.

“Read the first third of your play,” began the former acquaintance’s message. “I can’t make any sense of this. Ellipses all over. I’m a little disappointed.

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“Draw your characters with strength and contrasts. Most of them feel like the same person: you,” they suggest.

“I am truly glad you have found success with this piece, but it doesn’t do me so well.”

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Harris texted back a brief, “Cool,” followed by “lol.”

This prompted further messages from the old hook-up.

“I’m really happy for you. Saw you on Chris Hayes and that blew my mind.

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“I think what you mostly should study is scene construction. Your play is honestly, difficult to read. Or even produce.

“The characters in the playbill are introduced about race and color first? That is very unusual. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but after you do that you’ve got to really grip contrasts on your page.

“In your next work, sharpen your contrasts. Get tight with your dialogue. I know you’ve got it, but sharpen your contrasts like Key and Peele.

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“You’ll be astonished by your own work.”

Harris went on to say he’d met the man on OkCupid and the message had turned up out of the blue when he’d logged on Instagram.

Among those to comment was fellow actor Anthony Rapp: “Hard to believe someone could really have that little shame as to think sending you that was in any way ok.”

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“Where is their self awareness?” asked comedian and writer Dewayne Perkins. “Where is their couth? Where is their broadway play? Lol. Like the audacity. And Instagram has an unsend button!! God gave him an out and he was like nah, this NEEDS to be said. I’m dying lol.”

Journalist Holly Brockwell commented, “When your next play does well, you’re going to hear from this fool giving themselves the credit.”

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Harris, who recently made a Time magazine list of the next 100 most influential people, says it’s not the first time he’s received messages from former acquaintances with surprising reactions to his success.

He went on to share a long message he received from a “cis-hetero white male” former roommate, congratulating him on his play’s success but challenging him to be “more than” a “black queer playwright.” The writer of the message said he believes Harris is limiting himself and can write about more than the “very boring and trite themes of race and sexuality … audiences are ready to move on.”

Harris grew up largely in Martinsville (Virginia) before moving to Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

He first came to the attention of audiences with his play Daddy, which helped him secure a place at the Yale School of Drama in 2016. It was while at Yale that he wrote Slave Play, which first appeared off-Broadway to great acclaim in 2018.

The three-act play, which explores sex, power, and intimacy within the context of interracial relationships, transferred to Broadway’s John Golden Theatre last September for a 17-week run.

We have a feeling Harris won’t be arranging to meet up with either of the former acquaintances who messaged him any time soon.

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