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Matteo Lane’s hometown tour, Noah Beck’s turkey day workout, & the gayest tree ornament

Peep the new emotional daddy divorce drama starring Luke Evans and Billy Porter, then catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok:

Matteo Lane explored Old Boystown.

@matteolane Chicago memories! North Halsted (formally known as Boys Town) #matteolane #comedian #standup ♬ original sound – MatteoLane

Kathy Griffin made a case for the lesbians.


All hail the lesbians!! 💪🏻🏳️‍🌈 Catch me on The Bald and The Beautiful!!

♬ original sound – realkathygriffin

Jonathan van Ness took a family photo.


Trying to take a family photo is a lot harder than it looks 😭🐈🐕

♬ Now That We Don't Talk (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

Jubilee tested the strongest gaydars.

@jubilee Who has the best gaydar?🤔 This episode of Ranking was a fun one…Watch the full episode in the link in our bio! #ranking #lgbtq #youtube #fun ♬ original sound – Jubilee

Santino Benamati played pickleball.

Noah Beck burned off his Thanksgiving feast.


before that thanksgiving FEAST🦃 grateful for u all🤎

♬ CLOUD 333 – Bvtter

Matt Ricotta made a pie.

@baking_daze Pecan pie with no eggs, no dairy, no corn syrup, and a chai-spiced kick 🥧 #fyp #pecanpie #pie #thanksgiving #holidaybaking #vegan #veganbaking #vegantiktok #gay #gaytiktok #bakingdaze ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

Johnny Zhu attended a fairy tale wedding.

@novelview Replying to @kevy it was an honor to be a part of their beautiful moment, as they remold the concept of marriage not only for gay asians, but also queer minorities everywhere 🫶🏼 tying together culture, love, and acceptance from your biological and chosen family. Its moments that this that remind us all that love is love, and that no governing law is greater than our fight for equality abd acceptance. #gay #gaytiktok ♬ A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Gay dads decorated the tree.

@joeyisadogsname #dragrace @RuPaul @RuPaul’s Drag Race #christmas #gaydads ♬ original sound – joeyisadogsname

And our Editors uncovered the truth about the Ariston Bathhouse raid.

@queerty Decades before the Stonewall Riots in 1969, there was another violent police altercation in 1903 at the Ariston Bathhouse in New York City. #lgbtqhistory #stonewallriots #ariston #bathhouse ♬ original sound – Queerty*

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The Blessed Madonna ‘repulsed’ by Rishi Sunak using their song: ‘I’d rather hear my own death rattle’

DJ and producer The Blessed Madonna has hit out at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after he used one of their songs in an Instagram post.

The American musician, who is non-binary, took to social media on Saturday (25 November) to give Sunak what for after learning that he had used their song in an Instagram Reel.

The Instagram Reel, posted to Sunak’s Instagram on Saturday, saw the Tory leader visiting Nissan factories in Sunderland, and meeting with the likes of Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, and King Charles. 

The video, seemingly trying to prove that Sunak is still down with the kids, is captioned: “We go again”, and is accompanied by the song “We’ve Lost Dancing” by Fred again… and The Blessed Madonna.

There are plenty of reasons why someone like The Blessed Madonna might take issue with Rishi Sunak, and him involving their music in any way.

For one thing, Sunak doesn’t have the best history with LGBTQ+ Brits – from his ongoing failure to ban conversion therapy to his blatantly open disdain toward the transgender community.

For another, The Blessed Madonna is one of over 4,000 musicians to sign a letter demanding ceasefire in Gaza, as the Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks rises to 14,854, while Rishi Sunak has avoided directly calling for a ceasefire.

Similarly, The Blessed Madonna is an ambassador for Choose Love, and regularly uses her platform to draw attention to refugees who have been displaced from their homes, while Sunak has told MPs that he would do “whatever it takes” to “stop the boats” and keep asylum seekers from entering the UK.

The Blessed Madonna let Rishi Sunak know exactly what they thought of him using their song. (Zenhofer)

The Blessed Madonna, real name Marea Stamper, was less than pleased with their involvement in Sunak’s post, and took to both Instagram and X to let him know how they felt.

“It’s been pointed out to me that Rishi Sunak has used ‘We’ve Lost Dancing’ on an Instagram post,” they wrote.

“I just want to say, for the record, I’d rather hear my own death rattle echoing in my ears, as I plunge happily into the void than hear the sound of my voice in an ad for the Tories.

Writing the same thing as a comment under the prime minister’s Instagram Reel, they added: “What comes next is an election.”

Elsewhere in the comment section of Sunak’s Instagram post, one user tagged both The Blessed Madonna and Fred again… and asked: “You ok with this, out of interest?”

The Blessed Madonna made their feelings crystal clear by replying: “I am absolutely repulsed by this.”

The post The Blessed Madonna ‘repulsed’ by Rishi Sunak using their song: ‘I’d rather hear my own death rattle’ appeared first on PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBTQ+ news.

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Second Gayest City: The evolution of Wilton Manors into a queer utopia

As the story goes, the gays take a once-run-down neighborhood and transform it into an urban enclave of restaurants, shops, and gay bars. But Wilton Manors is more than a gayborhood in Florida; it’s a vision of gay culture permeating beyond acceptance into societal norms.

If you build it, the gays shall come

A close-up of a map indicating Wilton Manors.

Wilton Manors is far from your typical LGBTQ+ destination; it’s a veritable island of queerness whose rainbow culture sprouted from a single bar. Dubbed the ‘Island City,’ its name reflects its geographical position, encircled by forks in the Middle River.

Although neighboring places like Miami Beach and Key West pride themselves on inclusivity, Wilton Manors is so gay that residents clarify it’s “straight-friendly” as well. 

Two gay men in tuxedos kissing.

This Greater Fort Lauderdale city takes the prize as the “Second Gayest City” in America, right after Palm Springs. It’s a label bragged about by its official website. You’ll find 140 gay couples per 1,000 residents, a statistic that’s only growing. 

There’s plenty of nightlife, but Wilton Manor’s isn’t a party destination. It’s not a seasonal resort town or a bustling metropolis. The city has less than 12,000 residents, but you’ll find the spirit of a small town with urban culture. You can say much of the queer community comes here to spend their golden years (median age is mid-50s), not unlike the Golden Girls, but most of them are just beginning to have kids and start families.  

The allure is in the community 

The rainbow letters "LGBTQ+" on a beach with tanning beds during the sunset.

What sets Wilton Manors apart is the fact there’s nothing remarkable about it. Before locals get offended, hear us out! 

Unlike Palm Springs, which began as a desert sanctuary for closeted celebrities, or Fire Island and Provincetown, which were historic summer retreats for the LGBTQ+ community, Wilton Manors doesn’t boast any overt allure. Its appeal lies in being a genuinely welcoming place to live and visit.

Of course, the nearby beach and temperate year-round weather don’t hurt.

Wilton Drive, the heart of Wilton Manors, had its share of challenges in the past, but one gay man decided it was still preferable to build a gay bar replacing a boarded-up bank branch than have none at all. 

An older man with sunglasses waving a rainbow flag.

Nowadays, you’ll find more than 40 LGBTQ-friendly and LGBTQ-owned businesses, a common thread in gayborhoods. But the gays didn’t just construct a suburb; they forged their own municipality, complete with an all-queer governing body. 

The Human Rights Campaign has awarded Wilton Manors a rare perfect score on its Municipal Equality Index and in Florida of all states. 

One gay bar in Wilton Drive changed history

The gayness of Wilton Manors originated from Wilton Drive, specifically, the Shoppes of Wilton Manors. It was a derelict strip mall until George Kessinger opened Georgie’s Alibi in 1997, the first of many gay bars.

The bar is one of the longest-running gay businesses in South Florida and a current nominee for Best of GayCities 2023 Travel Awards. Queer visitors can rest assured it has not gone out of style.

The cost of living reliably drives the gays to gentrification. The gradual influx of a gay scene encouraged many LGBTQ+ SoFlo residents to move here as the rents were much more affordable than in nearby liberal cities.

“When we came here, this was a ghost town,” George Kessinger told the Herald-Tribune, “We created something, we put a demand on something.”

The bar has undergone new ownership four times by locals eager to keep history alive and tipsy, leading it to be renamed Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar.

The evolution of the city’s demographic influenced politics, but it had inclusive roots.

  • In 1988, the City of Wilton Manors elected Broward County’s first openly gay official.
  • In 2000, history was made when the city elected the second gay-majority governing body in the United States. This included a gay mayor, vice mayor, and councilman.
  • History was again made in November 2018 when Wilton Manors became the first city in Florida with an all-LGBTQ+ City Commission – second only to Palm Springs, California.

We’d make a “Make Politics Gay Again” joke, but Wilton Manors has been doing it for quite some time.

Wilton Manor gays have more fun

Say what you want about small-town life, but don’t underestimate one built by queers. There are more gay bars within the two-mile vicinity of Wilton Manors than the rest of Florida combined. The presence of family values doesn’t mean there’s an absence of adult entertainment.

The OG Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar doesn’t have plans to slow down

The Manor is where you’ll find a massive circuit party every weekend

Find a better strip club than Johnsons Fort Lauderdale; we’ll wait

The Eagle Bar In Wilton Drive honors the brand’s legacy in full sultry grunge

Hunter’s keeps it more low-key, which means it’s easier to flirt

Wilton Manors is a sunny hideaway for gays

The LGBTQ+ community is like the fairy godmother of neglected real estate, but don’t limit our magic to major cities.

As the years pass on, queer people come to appreciate the beauty of slowing down and surrounding themselves with community. Wilton Manors has evolved into a hideaway and civilization for gays to break away from the hustle and relax into their golden years. For some, that means retirement; for others, that means being a few miles from the beach, and an increasing number is finding their happiness in helping raise the next generation of humans.

You’ll find Zaddies, Daddies, dads, and baddies socializing within the same block.

So, regardless of whatever brings you to Wilton Manors, get ready to experience queerness as the status quo.

Help yourself to Dolce Far Niente by subscribing to the Queerty newsletter, and let us bring gay culture to you.

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Bianca Censori and Kanye West reportedly split

Bianca Censori and Kanye West are taking a break from their marriage. This comes after Censori’s friends and family reportedly “begged her” to leave the relationship during an intervention discussing their concerns over her husband being “controlling”.

They first began pressuring her to leave after the Yeezy founder, 46, allegedly started to show signs of “manipulative behaviour” and imposed a “strict set of rules” for Censori, 28, to follow – including to “never speak”.

Censori’s pals have reportedly said they are “extremely concerned” about her wellbeing in the relationship.

“Bianca is stuck and her friends are trying to save her, but no one can because of the blockades Kayne has put up [around her],” one source exclusively told the Daily Mail, “Everyone is extremely concerned. This isn’t who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut.”

“But she has no one right now and it is scary.”

The source goes on to insist the controversial rapper is attempting to make Censori into a “radicalised” version of Kim Kardashian but the “difference is that when Kim was with Kanye he was respected in the fashion world”, they said, “He has since lost this respect.”

Another source went on to tell the Daily Mail that when friends and family made contact with Censori she said they should “f**k off”.

“A few of her friends were finally able to reach her but she wasn’t interested in talking, nor was she interested in anyone’s concerns for her,’ a close insider told

“She’s shut everyone out and told one of her former friends to “f*** off” when they tried to ask if she was okay. She is saying that her friends are just jealous of her stardom.”

West and Australian architect Censori have reportedly split after 11 months of marriage, the ceremony of which took place just one month after West divorced from Kim Kardashian.

Many have questioned the validity of the marriage licence.

The post Bianca Censori and Kanye West reportedly split appeared first on PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBTQ+ news.

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Editor’s Notes: BEGIN AGAIN

Because time is a flat circle and we are, if anything, cyclical beings.

The post Editor’s Notes: BEGIN AGAIN appeared first on Autostraddle.

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How American Classrooms Are Being Censored in 2023: Report

PEN America Logo and ClassroomA recent report from PEN America reveals an alarming rise in educational gag orders, particularly those targeting LGBTQ+ issues, even as the conservative group Moms for Liberty faces setbacks in recent school board elections.

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🌟💥 Scandalous Theory Alert: Was Tupac Shakur Keeping a Secret? 💥🌟

Hold onto your hats, because a jaw-dropping theory about the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is taking social media by storm! 🎤🏳️‍🌈 According to a viral TikToker, who swears by their “accurate gaydar,” Tupac may have been keeping a major secret from his fans all along!

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur

The TikToker’s reasoning is nothing short of mind-blowing. First off, they point to Tupac’s penchant for drama, claiming, “Gay men love drama, and talking slick. That was Tupac.” 🗣💅 Could this be a clue?

Next up, they raise a seriously intriguing question: With all the reported relationships, why did Tupac never have any kids? 🤔👶 The plot thickens!

And then, there’s the performing arts school revelation. The TikToker asks, “What thug goes to a performing arts school? Have y’all seen Fame or Glee?” 🎭🕺 Point taken!

Last but not least, the theory zeroes in on Tupac’s close bond with Jada Pinkett Smith. Could she have been harboring his secret all along? The TikToker suggests that Tupac was Jada’s “gay BFF,” and she was the only one who truly knew his truth. 🤯💔

But wait, there’s more fuel to this fire! Queen Latifah herself spilled some intriguing tea about Tupac’s past. She revealed that before he became the iconic gangster rapper we all know, Tupac was a dancer for the San Francisco hip hop group Digital Underground. And get this, she even mentioned going to a gay club with him! 🕺🌈

Now, before you label this theory as wild, consider the mounting evidence. Could there be more to Tupac’s story than we ever knew? 🕵️‍♂️💬 Stay tuned as this theory continues to rock the world! 🌎🔥 #TupacSecrets #BreakingTheSilence #GossipUnveiled

The post 🌟💥 Scandalous Theory Alert: Was Tupac Shakur Keeping a Secret? 💥🌟 appeared first on CN Media.

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Drag Race UK eliminated queen on why she was ‘living for messy Vicki Vivacious drama’

Drag Race UK season five queen DeDeLicious has explained why she wasn’t upset about being called out by Vicki Vivacious, but was instead “living” for the drama.

In lThursday’s semi-final episode (23 November), DeDeLicious was eliminated in fourth place following the comedy roast, just missing out on making it to the final.

Yet before she was sent home following the Annie Lennox lip-sync against Tomara Thomas, the previously eliminated queens came back to say their peace.

In the werk room, the remaining queens asked Vicki Vivacious, who was eliminated in seventh place, who she was referring to in the lipstick message she left on the mirror.

Before she went home, Vicki had written: “Love most of ya.”

Vicki revealed that the message was about DeDeLicious, saying she “left a bad taste in [her] mouth” in episode one, and calling her “very sneaky” for the way she had treated fellow competitor, Alexis Saint-Pete.

In episode one, DedeLicious said that she expected to be in the bottom against Alexis, with some of the other queens suggesting DeDe had got inside Alexis’s head.

Speaking to PinkNews following her elimination, DeDeLicious said she enjoyed being the centre of the drama, and clarified that her and Vicki have since sorted things out.

Drag Race UK queen DeDeLicious.
Drag Race UK star DeDeLicious after the drama with Vicki Vivacious. (BBC)

“We kind of thought it was Cara Melle that [Vicki] was talking about,” DeDe explained.

“I think when she started to speak, I was like, it’s gonna be about me. This is gonna be about me. I slowly turned my head to meet her in the eyes, and I just sat there, and did not blink and listened to all of that and – I kind of lived.

“It was messy and fun, although it was against me,” she added. “I had to snap out of it. So I was like: ‘Wait, no DeDe – this is about you. This is a drama that does involve you. Stop living for this!”

Following Vicki’s confrontation, DeDe was supported by top three queen Ginger Johnson, a move which DeDe says she will “never forget”.

However, despite the drama, she insists her and Vicki are now on good terms.

“It’s literally buried. It kind of got buried a little bit after it happened. They didn’t air it, but she did kind of apologise. I was like, ‘it’s fine, it’s chill, you said your tea’. We didn’t really talk after that, and then recently we reconnected,” DeDeLicious explained.

“It’s all good now, so no hate to Vicki. Don’t be a loser and send hate, because you’re a loser the minute you send hate.”

Drag Race UK season 5 star DeDeLicious.
Drag Race UK season 5 star DeDeLicious. (BBC)

While DeDeLicious was the undeniable lip-sync assassin of the season, winning three of the four lip-syncs she fought in, she did have the difficult job of sending fan favourites home – including Banksie, Kate Butch, and Vicki Vivacious.

It’s meant that she’s had to wade through a stream of trolling comments.

“It’s OK to be frustrated or have the opinion that I shouldn’t be there, that’s fine, but direct your love to the person who went home,” she explained.

“I didn’t sit there and tell her to go. I didn’t tell her to leave.

“It’s a competition at the end of the day and I’m not going to stand still. I’m going to perform and do my thing,” DeDeLicious added.

Thankfully, the positivity has far outweighed the hatred.

“Whenever there’s been a dodgy comment, my fans have always clapped back immediately. So if anything, that whole thing showed me how supported I was, which was lovely.

“If anything, it makes you more motivated to up your drag, to do better. So thank you for improving me.”

The RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season five finale will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Thursday 30 November.

The post Drag Race UK eliminated queen on why she was ‘living for messy Vicki Vivacious drama’ appeared first on PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBTQ+ news.

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Logan Lerman rows his boat, Madonna flexes her exes & Diet Coke candles: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

Three-panel image. On the left, Logan Lerman, with curly brown hair and stubble, smiles softly wearing a light blue polo buttoned up. In the middle, a white ceramic Greek coffee cup reading "We Are Happy to Serve You" in golden letters above golden steaming coffee cup illustrations. On the right, Madonna sings with her right arm pointed up. She has tight blonde curls and wears a red and black sparkling top and white gloves.

We’ve officially made it to the holidays holigays! And whether you’re heading home to see the relatives, dining with a chosen fam, or taking a cue from The Waitresses and spending it by yourself this year, this week has given us a ton to gobble-gobble on.

Harris Dickinson asserted his “babygirl” status, though Saltburn stars Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan are certainly giving him a run for his money. And if that wasn’t enough, Antoni Porowski is back on the market, this Hunger Games star has got us thirsty, and these Aussie firefighters honored an annual tradition. Oof!

Naturally, the social media gays are stretching double entendre to its limits with all the stuffing jokes.

It’s a lot to digest… especially after a big meal. Thankfully, we’ve curated the best memes, bops, and knick-knacks for you to ogle over during the long weekend. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a seasonal candle, and get ready to ignore all those Black Friday emails. (You should have never accepted so many cookies!)

These are the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week….

1. Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

A ceramic Greek coffee cup is pictured at an angle, filled with dark coffee. The white cup has a blue border and reads "We are happy to serve you" in golden letters above illustrations of three steaming golden coffee cups.
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

New York City’s Greek coffee cups –– called “anthora” –– are as famous as the city itself. And while I can’t explain why a message like “We are happy to serve you” has a chokehold on the LGBTQ+ community (though I can guess), I’ve seen countless homages to this happy lil’ container in gay apartments across the country.

These adorable ceramic cups ($16 on Uncommon Goods) are a perfect way to bring a little Big Apple spirit to your kitchen… even if your coffeemaker can never duplicate the gritty, dark roast of a side-of-the-road coffee stand, nor the sounds of shouting and honking horns.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Two-panel image. On the left, a light purple camera with one button and a non-lit flash reading "Instax Mini 11" prints out a photo from the top. On the right, the same camera is pictured at an angle.
Image Credit: Amazon

Shake it like a polaroid picture! Actually, Outkast was kind of misguided when they wrote that lyric because it can damage the image. But I digress! In a world of FaceTune and Instagram filters, you just can’t beat the nostalgia and tactility of an instant camera. I used one of these bad boys at a wedding recently and was enchanted by both its versatility –– and handy selfie mirror. (What, I looked good!)

You can score Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 in colors like lilac purple, terracotta orange, and sky blue for $59.95 for a limited time on Amazon.

3. This new picture of Logan Lerman on a rowboat

The bad news: Logan Lerman –– of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Percy Jackson fame –– just got engaged to his longterm girlfriend Ana Corrigan. However, the good news is if you squint your eyes (and ignore that last sentence), you can pretend you’re on a romantic rowboat ride with the internet’s former boyfriend. Not only is he doing all the work, he just looks adorable in those knits!

4. Diet Coke Candle

Two-panel image. On the left, a Diet Coke can is pictured in a wooden box. The lid is cut off to reveal a white soy wax candle. On the right, the Diet Coke candle is pictured in three sizes (tall, skinny, and regular) in the same wooden box. The far left candle is tipped over to reveal a sticker on its top that reads "Vineyard Candle Co."
Image Credit: Vineyard Candle Co. on Etsy

One day, scientists will publish a study on the intense relationship between gay people and their Diet Coke. Until then, I’m indulging my addiction with this kitschy candle from Vineyard Candle Co. These hand-poured soy candles guarantee 45 hours of burn time and come in scents like Coke (duh), Dr. Pepper, amaretto, and orange soda. Plus, each can candle ($10-$20 on Etsy) comes from recycled and upcycled materials.

Just make sure you don’t try and take a sip!

5. Madonna publicly reminiscing on all her past lovers

This is a flex! Madonna’s Celebration Tour continues to trek around the globe, and this moment during her performance of “I Don’t Search I Find” recently went viral. Apparently, while singing the lyric “I found love,” Madge boldly displays images of the men she’s loved over the years –– from Tupac to Sean Penn. Not only is it a touching ode to these relationships, but it’s also a reminder of her quite impressive roster. Queen things!

6. 12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

A red cardboard rectangular box is pictured from an angle in front of an off-white background. It reads "12 Days of Hot Sauce" with twelve marked doors that open up to reveal mini hot sauce bottles. Three doors are open, showing small little bottles of hot sauce with labels that are not legible.
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

if you’re like me, you never know what the heck to get the heterosexual men in your life for the holidays. (How does one gift wrap “sports” exactly?) Thankfully, I stumbled upon the 12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar for $50 on Uncommon Goods and knocked out a bevy of presents in one go. The set comes with twelve 1.75-ounce hot sauces, featuring flavors like Habanero Evil, Oh My Garlic, and Psycho Curry. Who would have guessed that I’d be buying my stepdad the hottest gift this year?

Alternate idea: buy it for yourself and host your own edition of “Hot Ones” at a holigays party this year.

7. Vintage Blockbuster Logo Cap

Two-panel image. On the left, a black baseball hat with the blue and yellow VHS-tape sized logo for "Blockbuster" sits at an angle. On the right, a young man with dark hair and a gray t-shirt smiles to the side wearing the hat.
Image Credit: Red Bubble

Remember when Blockbuster was your go-to Friday night plans? Now, it’s “vintage.” Still, I’ve never gotten complimented on a bad-hair baseball-cap day until I snagged this hat for $21 on Red Bubble. Grab this stylish and nostalgic reminder to “Be Kind and Rewind” in colors like black, white, light grey, and navy. But if you can recall the days of VHS racks and the smell of those plastic slip covers, you should probably also look into retinol.

8. Sabrina Carpenter’s naughty new Christmas EP

With a viral TikTok bop, a spot opening for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, and a loyal LGBTQ+ following, Sabrina Carpenter has all the makings of your next fave blonde pop bombshell. On Fruitcake (her new holiday EP stylized in lowercase to maximize Gen-Z appeal), she combines cynicism with sensuality for 15-minutes of festive fun.

Sure, lyrics like “I need that Charles Dickens” and “I’m talking big snowballs” might make the fam blush, but she’s even got a tune for that. “My relatives always know what to say to piss me off,” she laments on “Is It New Years Yet?” Instant classic.

9. This sassy gay otter with a limp wrist

No, not that kind of gay otter. This pic of a beloved marine mammal with a limp wrist has been making the rounds on Gay Twitter X because representation is important, even in the animal kingdom. You can just tell he knows where to find the best mussels on the beach… and he’s got big opinions on Kylie Minogue’s best album. How do we send him a brunch invite?!

10. Target Christmas Dining Plates and Snowflake Serving Tray

Three-panel image. On the left, a wooden serving board is pictured from a bird's eye view. It is in the shape of a snowflake. In the middle, a simple white plate with a gray border is pictured from a bird's eye view. It has a drawing of a green Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and presents underneath in the center. On the far right, a red and white striped appetizer plate sits on top of a larger white plate. The two are part of an elaborate dining table display, with golden cutlery sticking out of the frame, a glass filled with white wine, and a white tray featuring meats, cheeses, and grapes in the foreground.
Image Credit: Target

If you gave me the option of staying in the real world or living inside a Target catalog, I’d transform into a glossy 2D image faster than you could say “Padam.” Unfortunately, the closest I can get is splurging on their assortment of aesthetically pleasing holiday dishes, which I will be using frequently from Thanksgiving until January 1. My current faves are the HolidayWood Snowflake Serving Tray ($20) which is perfect for any festive charcuterie board, paired with the 7″ Holiday Stoneware Striped Appetizer Plates ($12 for four) and Christmas Dining Plates ($6 a piece).

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Iconic Soho gay bar to close down after shock announcement by owner

A legendary London gay club is set to close its doors for the final time in December, as the owner cites increased attacks on staff and customers and difficulties posed by building works around the venue as the reason for closure. 

G-A-Y Late in Goslett Yard will shut on 10 December, owner Jeremy Joseph announced on social media in a heartfelt post. 

Joseph, who also owns Heaven and G-A-Y, said he made the decision with “great sadness” and understands the news will come as a “shock” to loyal customers. 

In a letter shared on social media, the owner outlined a number of reasons for the decision including a spike in attacks on customers and staff leaving the venue late and night and increased building and development works in the surrounding area – which has often created safety issues in that the the bar’s entrance, fire exit, and queue would become blocked. 

“As a result of sometimes being the only venue open late at night in the surrounding area it has led to customers and staff being attacked on their way to and from the venue,” Joseph wrote. 

“Despite so many attempts to get police to visit and support G-A-Y Late, there are no regular checks on the venue. Police are seriously understaffed, the fact is there are not enough police protecting Westminster & when you are a standalone venue it’s impossible to guarantee customer and staff safety once they leave the premises.”

“Crime continues to be one of the biggest issues for LGBT venues, but even harder when you are a venue with no other venues around you,” he added. 

Joseph went on to say he has done “everything I can to try and fight on and keep G-A-Y Late going” but that fight came at the cost of his mental health and “it’s starting to take too much of a toll on me personally”. 

Despite the sad news, Joseph confirmed no staff members will lose their jobs as a result of the closure and instead will be moved to new roles at G-A-Y and Heaven. 

Alongside this, G-A-Y’s licence is going to be extended to 1am and an application has been put in to increase Heaven’s capacity and make it a wheelchair accessible venue for the first time in its 44 year history. 

“I want to thank all the customers who have supported G-A-Y Late & to all the staff who have made it one of the most successful LGBT venues in the UK,” he concluded, “This is something I’m very proud of & something that can never be taken away from G-A-Y.”

Customers were quick to share their sorrow at the loss of the venue, with pop culture writer Nick Levine calling it an “end of an era”, writing: “It’s practically an LGBTQ+ rite of passage to have danced on the G-A-Y Late podium to Starships at least once in your life.” 

“RIP to place where I had enough £1 Jägerbombs to find the courage to kiss a boy for the first time,” another said.  

The Night Time Industries Association, the trade organisation for the night-time industry, called the closure “real loss to the Industry”.

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