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Reddit users list the “main advantages” of being gay

Person holding pride flag

Eight words were all it took to kick off a lively Reddit conversation in the r/AskGayMen forum. That prompt: “What are the main advantages of being gay?”

As you might expect, some users in the thread took a hard turn toward misogyny. (You might be surprised by the number of “Ew, women, boo, hiss!” comments.) Other commenters, meanwhile, failed to take our trans brethren into account—posting, for example, unqualified “no risk of unexpected pregnancy” comments.

But there were many well-articulated, thought-provoking additions to the thread, many of which we’ve included below (after retouching them for readability, of course).

The societal

Kissing French Kiss GIF by Capital Pride | Have Pride 365! - Find & Share on GIPHY

“Largely being exempt from stereotypical gender roles. Straight men are under a lot of pressure to do/not do/like/not like certain things because ‘that’s what men do.’ Gay men get to mostly opt out of that. It’s easier for us to choose stereotypically feminine jobs and hobbies if we want, and to be more in tune with our emotions.”

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“If you are a man, you are somehow obligated to get a beautiful girlfriend, marry her, have a bunch of kids, have a great job, earn a lot of money, buy a house, etc. Overall, a lot of demands from a family and society on men shoulders. When you are gay, most of them disappear. You are free to do whatever you want.”

“I feel like there’s lower family pressure to settle down and have kids. It’s a little higher now that we have marriage equality where I live, but it still feels like people are more ok with you not getting hitched and having kids by a certain age.”

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“As a cis gay man in the U.S., the only thing I’m qualified to speak on: 1. Knowing I was different gave me a growth experience in figuring out who I was. 2. That in turn gave me a better opportunity to envision a different and, in my opinion, better life. 3. Very unlikely to have unplanned children, which are a major cause of dropping out of school and multigenerational poverty. 4. Being free of assumptions of gender roles in relationships. 5. Getting along better with my spouse than 99% of hetero couples I see, because, to be honest, they don’t seem to like each other very much. 6. Having to come out as an ongoing process is character-building. 7. Feeling connected in any way to a heritage of amazing, creative, brave, and inspiring men. 8. Sharing some clothes with my spouse.”

“My favorite part is wherever you travel, gays exist, and there is an automatic sense of kinship and safety there. Even if it’s not publicly apparent in today’s very divided society, gay men (and the LGBT community) look out for each other. The gay mafia is a real thing.”

The sexy

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“You get to have sex with men.”

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“The quality and quantity of sex.”

“Double horny all the time.”

“Sex on demand like tap water”

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“Prostate stimulation.” (Though, as another commenter pointed out, “this ain’t only for gay men.”)

“Gotta be the d*cks. Amirite?”

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The silly

Next Level Gay GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

“One underwear drawer!”

“Not being afraid of going to hell since we’re ‘allegedly’ already condemned.”

“The power to summon natural disasters and tear apart the fabric of society simply by existing.”

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“M-m-m-men, p-p-p-pretty.”

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Brittney Griner Finally Allowed Visit with U.S. Diplomats in Russia

Brittney Griner

Russia had made it difficult to get access to the out WNBA star, who has been detained in the country since February.

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Brittney Griner Finally Allowed Visit with U.S. Diplomats in Russia

Brittney Griner

Russia had made it difficult to get access to the out WNBA star, who has been detained in the country since February.

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5 homoerotic Latin films to be savored in the universal language of love

The best part of foreign language films is undoubtedly the sex scenes because no subtitles are needed.

Of course, we’re not saying the plot and acting are unimportant. But sometimes, a gay just wants the guarantee of beautiful people making love in Spanish.

We’ve rounded up a steamy list of five queer Spanish movies that would never be approved to stream on Disney+.

These romances occur under different settings and circumstances, but as they say in Spain: Cuando hay ganas no importa el lugar (when there’s desire, the place is unimportant). So feel free to make love wherever you are.

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Angels of Sex

There’s nothing sexier than two naked male bodies, even if there’s a woman in between. Angels of Sex offers the classic coming-of-age trope: a man dating a woman falls in love for the first time with another man. They’re all dancers, so is it really that surprising? But the film spiced it up by making them modern lovers and deciding why not ménage à trois? You can enjoy this Spanish love triangle in both of the country’s native languages. 

The Last Match

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Homosexual love is hard in Cuba, especially when one is a gay rent boy and the other is a sugar baby with an older girlfriend (who has a thug father). This doesn’t stop Latino twunks Reinier and Yosvani from making their relationship work in The Last Match, even if the dangerous Havana streets are trying to keep them apart. Their ethics might seem questionable, but like Yosvani’s girlfriend tells her father upon discovering, “no me importa!”  If you’ve never been a fan of sports, you haven’t experienced how quickly an innocent soccer game can turn into a quickie in a back alley.

End of the Century

Ever accidentally hook up with the same person twice? This is the situation Ocho and Javi find themselves in End of the Century, except it’s twenty years later. “Siento como ya te conosco desde antes,” Javi tells his not-so-new lover referencing their chemistry’s deja vu. One of them is falling in love, and the other has a boyfriend. But that doesn’t stop them from engaging in passionate scenes that surely, this time, they won’t forget.

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Longing Nights

Not exactly the type of film you want to watch with your parents, Longing Nights is a Spanish rollercoaster of booze, drugs, partying, and all kinds of sex: gay, lesbian, groups – you name it. A group of twenty-somethings in Madrid engage in all sorts of unhealthy ways to run from themselves and cope with their feelings, including using each other as an escape. Orgasms have a way of temporarily dissolving all of life’s problems.

Mario, Kike y David

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The short film Mario, Kike y David is every gay’s nightmare: you develop feelings for your one-night-stand. Luckily, the attraction is mutual here, and it’s how they respectively present their bisexuality in their social circles that becomes the problem. Their chemistry under the sheets will have you rooting for them to let go of that masculinidad toxica!

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Teacher Free to Misgender & Out Students Following Trump Judge Ruling


Kansas math teacher Pamela Ricard sued the school district, claiming that the policy of using students’ preferred pronouns violated her “religious freedom.”

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Harris, White House Spox Rip Oklahoma For Passing Near-Total Abortion Ban Weeks After Leaked Supreme Court Opinion

523435 origin 1

Published by
Radar Online
523435 origin 1

The outcry over Oklahoma’s new abortion law, the strictest in the nation, reaches far and wide.

In a May 19 statement, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the position that Roe v. Wade is still, for the moment, the law of the land. “Today’s action by the Oklahoma legislature is the most extreme effort to undo these fundamental rights we have seen to date,” she said

“In addition, it adopts Texas’ absurd plan to allow private citizens to sue their neighbors for providing reproductive health care and helping women to exercise their constitutional rights.

523435 523435 origin 1 1

“This is part of a growing effort by ultra MAGA officials across the country to roll back the freedoms we should not take for granted in this country,” Jean-Pierre continued. “They are starting with reproductive rights, but the American people need to know that other fundamental rights, including the right to contraception and marriage equality, are at risk.”

523435 523435 origin 1 2
Rachel Gordon

The Oklahoma bill has been blasted by pro-choice critics who note that it bans abortion from the moment of fertilization, making it an effective total ban.

Meanwhile, at the top of a virtual meeting May 19 with abortion providers, Vice President Kamla Harris also had choice words for the legislation, according to the Huffington Post.

“At its core, this is about our future as a nation, about whether we live in a country where the government can interfere in personal decisions,” she stated. “This is about our future.”

Recently, Ms. Magazine collected a number of concerned voices, including that of Emily Wales, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains in Oklahoma City.

523435 523435 origin 1 3

“This is a devastating day for individual liberties, individual health care decisions, and most importantly, individuals in Oklahoma who deserve respect,” she said. “These decisions should be their own. To all who need care, we see you and our doors are open for you—even if we cannot provide care here at home in the same way we have.”

The Oklahoma abortion bill, known as HB 4327, passed in the state legislature by a vote of 73 to 16. All it needs now is a signature for Gov. Kevin Stitt.

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Teen brutally beaten by own uncle for carrying rainbow scarf in Italy

A 16-year-old in Italy was beaten so severely by his own uncle that he broke four ribs, all for having a rainbow scarf on his bag, rights groups have said. On 17 May, which was also International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), the teenager left his home in Cosenza, a city in Calabria, Italy,…

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Helen Skelton makes TV comeback following split from Richie Myler

Helen Skelton presenting Channel 4 Super League programme

Helen returned to the screens for the first time since her split (Picture: David Greaves/News Images)

Helen Skelton was all smiles as she returned to the screen following her split from ex-husband Richie Myler. 

The Countryfile presenter, 38, fronted Saturday’s Hull KR v Catalan Dragons rugby game on Channel 4.

Helen – who is filling in for host Adam Hills while he’s in Australia -appeared in good spirits while rocking a black blazer and beige boots.

Fans were delighted by Helen’s comeback to the small screen, – as it marked her first appearance since sharing the shocking news that she is no longer with rugby star Richie – and immediately took to Twitter.

‘@HelenSkelton great to see you on @Channel4 Rugby League. It is very windy, your hair is lovely and you are a gorgeous lady with great integrity,’ one tweeted.

Another added: ‘Great to see Helen Skelton is still presenting the Rugby League on Channel 4. I’m sure it can’t be easy for her given recent events but she always does a great job because she’s a top quality professional.’

Fans were delighted to see Helen back on the screen (Picture: David Greaves/News Images)
Helen confirmed her split from husband Richie Myler last month (Picture: Getty)

Taking to Instagram last month, Helen confirmed her split with Richie after nine years of marriage, writing: ‘Very sad to say that Richie and I are no longer a couple. He has left the family home. We will be doing our best to co parent our small children.

Richie has not publicly commented on the split but is reported to have started a new relationship with the daughter of the president of his rugby club Leeds Rhinos. 

Helen and Richie were married for eight years and share three children; Ernie, six, Louis, four, and a baby daughter Elsie Kate who was born in December. 

It was recently reported that Helen is one of the celebrities tipped to appear in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The star already appeared on Strictly before, during the 2012 festive special where she jived along to All I Want For Christmas with professional Artem Chigvintsev.

‘Helen has been on the Strictly wishlist since she did the Christmas special, but the timing has never been quite right for her to sign up,’ an insider told The Sun.

‘But this year, the bosses feel the situation might be different.’

Got a story?

If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the entertainment team by emailing us, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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Boobs on Your Tube: Hen and Karen Get Gay Married (Again!) on 9-1-1

Whew get ready! It’s a full week! With updates on Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, NCIS: Hawai’i, A Million Little Things, New Amsterdam, All American, Charmed, and The Young and the Restless.

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Students violently arrested by riot police at university Pride parade in Turkey

A Pride parade at Boğaziçi University, Turkey, was violently broken up by authorities, with dozens of students arrested by riot police. LGBTQ+ people face increasing persecution in Turkey, and in 2015, Instanbul Pride was banned for the first time. Following a failed coup attempt in 2016, Turkey declared a state of…

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